Thursday, 25 July 2013

Research Justification report (Draft 1)


Research Topic: Relationships (Friendships in SST)

Chosen Area of Focus: The reasons why some people get left out in SST
  1. Framing our research topic
Our chosen area of focus is “the reasons why some people get left out in SST”. We have chosen this topic as most of us have noticed some people being left out from group projects and discussions etc. We have realised over time that sometimes during group works there is always someone who is left out due to various reasons and sometimes not only do they feel discriminated, but they also feel that they are being bullied by the bigger gang of people. Name-calling and singling them out from group discussions is one of the most common cases and our group would like to find out more about this. As these are forms of bullying, this may result in why some people dislike going to school sometimes as they do not want to feel extra and unwanted in that particular group when they are trying their best to help. Such actions may cause the victims to have a negative feeling towards those who are discriminating them which may result in unwanted consequences or giving them unwanted pessimistic thoughts and ideas which they feel may help them boost their self-esteem (addiction to drugs etc.)
There are  many different reasons as to why the people are singled out during project works:
    1. They are irresponsible, disrespectful or they have a bad character.
    2. The victim and the other group members have bad history and are not okay with being in the same team as each other.
    3. (other possible personal reasons)

2. Reasons for choice of topic
  • There is a need for our research as people, especially students studying, do not know why they even start discriminating one person in the first place. Also, there is this fixed mindset that there is always one person being left out from a group discussion. Thus, we want to change the mindset of people and advise them to accept everybody.
  • Nobody wants to be discriminated or disrespected when it comes to group work and they do not wish to feel left out of the conversations.
  • In order to carry out work more efficiently, everyone must be working together and cooperate with each other.
  • We are also interested in this matter, as it is one of the most common cases in almost every school.
  • We also want to prevent students from being left out (e.g. in a group/project) in the future. Just because someone is different from others, they should not be excluded.  
  • Sometimes, when it gets too much, without the bullies realising, it ends up hurting the person really badly and it may lead to very extreme consequences. (e.g self harming, depression, suicide etc.)
  • This also contributes to the factor of why students dislike going to school and we want to make sure that students enjoy school where it should be a place for conducive and enjoyable place for learning.

3. Feasibility of the research
  • This is possible as we are able to find out the needed information through online networks like Wikipedia or wiki answer as they may be other people who are curious about this (forums, discussions etc.). We can also interview the people in the SST community to have a better and more holistic understanding about our research topic.
  • There is a need for our research, as the people singled out are often bullied and called names afterwards. Hence, our research can help those people overcome this problem and have an understanding why they are being discriminated (due to social and religious reasons etc.) and lead a happier life instead of dreading to go to school.
  • This research is possible as we can interview people from our school and understand them better. It would be best if everyone cooperates and is willing to put effort in this research.
  • We can also create surveys using google form and send it to the students’ emails to get their honest feedback about this project and how they feel about people being left out.

4. Manageability of the research
  • We find the project manageable at this stage and should there be any further difficulties later in the project, we will address them and the timeline for this project would be changed accordingly to the circumstances.
  • Interviewing the people on their point of views and searching online for more information should be manageable.

5. Accessibility of the information required

  • The appropriate information could be how people feel when they are bullying others/left out. We can find out by visiting online forums/discussions etc.
  • We can observe others from their behaviour (with their permission) and reach a theory on why they behave in a certain way.
  • Interviews can be done within a matter of days and online research can be easily done with the help of the people who are willing to take part in the surveys.
  • There would be more ample opportunities for us to analyse the data holistically so that we can be more accurate when it comes to collecting the data from forms, surveys and interviews.