Big Ideas- 
Essential Questions

Xueqin- Relationships

1. What are the different types of relationships around us?
2. How do these relationships affect us in our everyday lives?
3. Do we treat our relationships with other people with respect? Do we cherish them? How can we do so?

Nehal- Sustainability
1. Is our school playing a part in recycling?
2. Do the students in SST make an effort to clean their classrooms after school everyday?
3. Do the students in SST go the extra mile to save energy (Offing the air conditioner before leaving the classroom etc.)

Chelsea- Behaviour
1. Are the SST Students displaying appropriate behaviour in school
2. So SST Students display appropriate behaviour in public?

Myat Noe-Relationships
1. What is the relationship like between students and others in the school? (Teachers, admin staff, cleaners, guests, etc.)
2. Does everyone in the SST community respect each other?
3. Do students show basic courtesy when seeing other people, even if they don't know them (guests, other teachers) by greeting them?

Discussion of finds
Most people think that there will be psychological effects on those being ostracized, which includes feeling depressed, lonely, unwanted, insulted, angry and becoming anti-social. This ostracism may go too far and they may even think about ending their lives because they cannot handle it anymore. Others feel that it depends on different people because some might not really care about/are used to the way they are being treated. However, this may be a good or bad thing too. Because of being ostracized, the victim may get hurt but he/she may also grow as a stronger person and know how to deal with similar problems as he/she grows up.

Based on our findings, we realised that most people do not like it when other people get ostracised. People feel that this should happen less as we are one community after all. Majority think that some get ostracized because of their personality, the way they behave or simply because of their appearance (handicapped, ugly etc.) Other reasons include their race. Some people felt that people of a  certain race were more likely to get ostracised compared to other races. Also, they feel that some people just want to have a laugh and start ostracising people. 

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