Why we chose to use the survey method:
  1. Our research topic is a touchy and sensitive topic, thus our respondents would most likely want to remain anonymous. 
  2. In SST, many of use have different and tight schedules due to projects, CCAs, and remedials. Thus, by using an online survey, they would be able to use only 5 minutes of their time to help us with our survey during their free time. 
Research Respondents:
          Secondary 1 and 2 students. The number of respondents may reach up to 400.
          As the Sec 4s and Sec 3s have a busy and tight schedule due to the O levels and the applied subjects, we figure that it might be a better choice to just survey the lower secondary students.

          The advantages of doing a questionnaire/interview survey is that it can reach large numbers, provides for anonymity, relatively inexpensive and easy to analyse when using online platforms such as google form, survey monkey etc.
          However, the disadvantages are that we may not get honest and careful information, there may be low response rate, requires literacy skills and wordings may create a biasness towards the client’s response.


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