Up to this point, we have only found out the reasons to why people are ostracised, or why people get ostracised. To further follow up on our research, we can probably look for people who are ostracised and interview them since our survey did not have questions regarding the ostracised people’s views. We will interview them, while letting them know that their responses would be confidential and we would not reveal any information to anyone. Interviewing the victims would give us a different point of view, which we may not be able to look at since the members in our group have maintained a healthy relationship with their classmates and friends as well as others who are around them. With this interview, we would have 2 different points of view from 2 groups of people. 
         Not only will we interview them, we will also interview or create surveys targeting the people who ostracise others. With these views, we can understand how each group would feel and get the two different parties’ perspective, thus understanding the matter better. 

         Furthermore, we could also include the upper secondary levels in our survey after the final year exams and the O levels. We predict that the results would be different when compared to the lower secondary level. This is so as we believe that the upper secondary students should be more matured and would not indulge themselves in ostracism. 

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